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Are you looking to understand the basics of connecting your caravan, camper trailer or RV to domestic power supply?

Powered caravan sites provide convenience and allow you to use all the appliances which make your RV feel like home - fridge, microwave, television - for the duration of your stay. All the while allowing you to charge your 12V battery supply.

To access mains power at Australian tourist parks, all caravans/ RVs should have 230V system and a 15A-rated cable with an earth pin that’s larger than the standard 10A household extension lead.

A residual current device (RCD) is every RV-user’s must have piece of equipment as it acts as the primary barrier against faulty electrical items.

The Ampfibian RV-02 MAX is an electromechanical device that is extremely reliable.

It will provide a power cut-off within milliseconds of detecting a leakage current.

An RCD works by constantly monitoring the current flowing in the wires (active and neutral) supplying a circuit or a piece of equipment.

An earth leakage occurs due to a fault in the circuit (the current flowing in the two wires is not equal) or an accident with the equipment, an imbalance occurs and this is detected by the RCD, which automatically cuts off the power to prevent injury or damage to yourself or your property.

The heavy-duty H-Class approved Ampfibian is an Australian-owned, designed and made product that is weather-proof to IP55 in any position. This means it is protected against dust and water.

Other features include an automatic cleat to prevent accidental disconnection; clear lids for easy inspection; a 1.8m connection lead; two-year warranty.

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