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Australia’s caravan parks run their sites on 15 amp so you will need a 15 amp heavy duty three core electric lead.

Knowing your equipment and RV setup can be as important as mapping the route to your destination, whether it’s a journey of a lifetime or a weekend getaway.  

We strongly encourage families and couples to have a practice run before hitting the road - set up the caravan in the front yard and test the power supply - stove, oven, light bulbs and any other powered equipment in your RV.  

This will help determine if you’ve got the right number of extension leads and if their length is suitable.

At Extension Leads Australia we offer heavy duty cords up to 40m long.

Many campers and caravanners choose to also use something like an amp-fibian which offers personal protection from electric shocks using a residual current device (RCD), which can be caused by faulty wiring or appliances.

An  Ampfibian MINI will cut the current if it exceeds 10/S 2400W.  It’s certified to comply with Australian electrical standards, allowing safe and legal connection between 10 amp and 15 amp. The MINI is intended for light-duty DIY, indoor/undercover use. For outdoor use, we recommend the RV02-MAX.

All products in the Extension Leads Australia online store are certified to comply with Australian electrical standards. However, we do suggest getting leads checked and tagged regularly by a qualified electrician.

When setting up and placing your power cords in and around your caravan another safety tip we share with our customers is to avoid laying power cords across traffic thoroughfares or door openings. Always ensure extension leads are fully uncoiled when in use.

Be an individual and personalise your power leads.

Extension Leads Australia can give you custom printed cord - print your name and phone number, or a quirky message of your own.

This small detail can be a deterrent to would-be thieves, but also makes it easier when packing up as there’ll be no doubt you’ve got the correct lead.

If you arrive to your perfect location and find you’re short of any cabling, plugs or power leads, simply head to our website and place an order. Remember Extension Leads Australia delivers across the country.

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