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Quality extension leads to access all areas

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Having good quality extension leads will make life easier, and safer, for any professional in the building, cleaning, medical or industrial sectors.

All products in the Extension Leads Australia range are certified for electrical safety to meet regulatory standards and AUS/NZ standards.


From 5m to 60m heavy duty extension leads, our range is sure to meet all your needs.

Once you’ve got a good selection of leads, there are various accessories that can play a vital part in protecting your leads.


Tradies and professional cleaners will find a leadlock useful in premises with large floor space. This must-have accessory stops your plugs being pulled apart.

The leadlock has other benefits - no more tying knots in cords; improves safety at work or at home; keeps a rolled-up lead together.

A leadlock is also perfect for domestic use to keep together extension leads, power tools, vacuum cleaners, hedge and line trimmers.

Other accessories in the Extension Leads Australia collection include electrical cord stands for busy worksites, Ampfibian mini provide added safety plus sockets and plugs to suit most requirements.

Don’t compromise on safety in the workplace. To help keep your work environment  safe, Extension Leads Australia recommends the following steps:

  • Identify the hazards
  • Assess the risks
  • Mitigate the risk by Implementing controls
  • Regularly review the control measures

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