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Equipment that is fit for purpose Every industrial or building worksite needs a Transco portable power outlet at its epicentre. Extension Leads Australia proudly supplies a range of products built to withstand the toughest of cleaning contracts. The Transco portable unit has a recessed power outlet for added protection, is highly visible in an orange case that is dust and water resistant. Its large sturdy base has anchor holes for strength and stability. Access all areas by pairing the portable outlet with leads up to 20m in length with specifications suitable for vacuum cleaners (240V 10 amp lead with 10 amp plugs; 240V 15 amp lead with 10 amp plugs). The must-have accessory for any cleaning contractor is a lead lock to stop your plugs being pulled apart. This accessory has many other benefits - no more tying knots in cords; improves safety at work or at home; keeps a rolled-up lead together. A lead lock is also ideal for use with extension leads, power tools, vacuum cleaners, hedge and line trimmers (electric weed wackers).

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